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Through my work with individuals and organizations around the globe, I’ve seen an opportunity and a need for creative solutions to the global challenges we face. It is critical that we find innovative models for the financial market that create positive impact for investors, and the world, beyond financial returns.
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The Foundation

Today’s global issues require a new approach to problem solving. The Global Echo Foundation, is a 501©(3) charitable foundation co-founded by Philippe Cousteau Jr., to provide funding solutions to many of the challenges facing the world community from social issues impacting women and children to environmental conservation. The Foundation will also focus on supporting micro enterprise.

The Global Echo Foundation will be funded through a portion of the AdvisorShares Global Echo Exchange Traded Fund (NYSE: GIVE), which will bring the first multi-manager ETF with an absolute return and sustainable investment mandate to advisors and their clients.

The GlobalECHO Foundation provides a novel approach to funding solutions for many of the challenges facing the global community.

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The Fund

The Global Echo Foundation is sponsored by AdvisorShares Investments, LLC.
Innovation. Transparency. Diversification.

AdvisorShares Investments, LLC, a global investment firm specializing in the active management of exchange traded funds, supports the Foundation by contributing a portion of its fee from the (GIVE) Global Echo ETF.
The GIVE ETF is a broadly diversified actively managed ETF with a focus on Sustainable and Impact investment opportunities. More information about AdvisorShares and the GIVE ETF can be found here or by calling 1.877.THE.ETF1.

Latest News

GIVE: Lights and Power for Panzi Hospital - 2012 CGI Stories

In 2012, the GlobalECHO Foundation committed to providing financial resources that will help the Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo transition from a reliance on expensive diesel fuel and an undependable grid to clean, sustainable, and renewable energy.

Philippe Cousteau's GlobalECHO Foundation Announces Inaugural Project To Support the Health And Wellbeing Of Women In Need

GlobalECHO Foundation's blended approach to investing and philanthropy leverages the power of Wall Street to do good.

Philippe Cousteau’s GlobalECHO Foundation Joins The Panzi Hospital To Announce The First Phase Of A Landmark Project Serving Women And Children In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

The GlobalECHO Foundation and the renowned Panzi Hospital and Foundations announced the installation of a dynamic solar powered, battery-based electric system for the hospital laboratory as the first phase of a project that will bring sustainable and reliable energy resources to the entire hospital.

Our Three Core Areas

Environmental Education

Encouraging environmental sustainability globally – Many regional and local communities are exploring viable long-term solutions to pressing issues impacting the health and well-being of people and the planet. In many cases adequate funding is the biggest obstacle to success.


Supporting entrepreneurship - Innovation is an essential element in building a brighter future. Helping support and create a system that encourages entrepreneurial enterprises can help accelerate positive change.

Women & Children

Investing in the lives of women and children – In developing nations around the world, the health and well-being of local communities and economies often depends on the efforts of women and mothers. By investing in programs that support employment opportunities and health initiatives for women, family and community health can be dramatically strengthened and improved.